Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. Cookbook Review

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Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. Cookbook Review

When I found Laura Miller’s youtube show ‘Raw Vegan Not Gross’ I literally binge watched every episode. I thought Laura’s recipes were really interesting and that she was hilarious, my favorite line was when she was making something with Nama Shoyu sauce and in her segue way into the next part of her recipe she said ‘Nama Shoyu how to make…’ So naturally when she came out with her first cookbook last year I had to buy it. Now I am vegan, but I seldom eat completely raw and I avoid oils and nuts almost at all costs so I am not really the typical consumer for this cookbook, but I thought I would give it a shot. I have had it for about a year now & made numerous recipes from it so I thought I would share some of my thoughts on the book and the recipes.

First off, the book is just as humorous as Laura is on her show & it is definitely a book that once you get it you will read it cover to cover and giggle over all the blurbs she adds before each recipe. Second off, Laura Miller’s family must own a walnut and/or coconut farm (HA) because a lot of her recipes (at least the ones I tried contain one or both). If you have a nut allergy or just stay away from nuts in general, I would not recommend this book. Third, if you are oil free or low oil, this book probably isn’t for you either. Fourth, if nuts & oil don’t bother you and you are interested in experimenting with some new raw, mostly raw & cooked recipes, then this book is for you!

To review this book as best I could without making every single recipe I decided to try to choose one recipe from each section of the book that sounded the most interesting to me. I made each recipe exactly as it was written as to give it a fair review. The recipes I tested were: the crepes with the hazelnut chocolate spread, kale chips, creamy jicama salad, walnut balls, tortilla pizzas, and the mint truffles.

Favorite recipe I tried: The crepes with the chocolate hazelnut spread. They were super easy to make and the texture was perfect. They were chewy & slightly crispy at the ends and folded without breaking! Since the crepe itself is not sweet I would definitely like to try making this again and using a savory filling inside like curried cauliflower or potato masala. The chocolate hazelnut spread was DELICIOUS, but this recipe makes entirely too much for the crepe recipe, which if I had read the serving sizes of each I would have known that. I am NOT a fan of adding coconut oil or oil in general to my recipes, but this was one case where the coconut oil made the spread very creamy and was necessary to achieve that texture. With that said, if you are expecting Nutella out of the jar from this recipe you will not get that, this was infinitely better. A close second favorite would definitely be the mint truffles!

Least favorite recipe I tried: the Kale Chips. The kale chips tasted good, but what I didn’t like about this recipe was that seasoning for the kale made way more than was necessary for one bunch of kale. My sauce also came out pepto pink and looked absolutely nothing like the picture. The recipe calls for a bell pepper and I used a red one so maybe that’s why? Also, the cooking time in an oven took way longer than was stated in the recipe and my oven is brand new oven that works very well.

Things I liked about the book: I like how most of her recipes use ingredients that are relatively easy to find in grocery stores and that most of the recipes have minimal ingredients. So you won’t find any recipes with laundry lists of ingredients. I love the blurbs she has above each recipe and I love that you still get her humor in text that you get from her on youtube.

Things I didn’t like about the book: Some of the recipes take some ahead of time preparation (i.e. soaking nuts over night). Additionally, some of the recipes can get expensive especially the ones that are nut heavy. A few of recipes have multiple recipe components (i.e. you have one recipe for the mint truffles and one recipe for the coating) and the amounts seem to be off. For instance, I made the mint truffle recipe and the chocolate coating and had way more chocolate coating than I needed.

Overall thoughts: There are some recipes I tried that I would definitely make again and some I would not make again. There are quite a few in the book that I still would like to try to out. Like I stated above, if you have a nut allergy or stay away from oil this book is absolutely not for you because both of those ingredients are used in abundance.  If you are interested in purchasing this book, here is the link to it on Amazon- Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. By Laura Miller

NOTE: None of the links in this post are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

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